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1938 - 2014

As we approach the first anniversary of Davids death it is time to reflect on the immense influence and effect that Dave had on the History and Development of Eastbrook Allotment Site.

Dave along with his wife Joy was a long time plot holder at Eastbrook, the plot had been in the family before Dave and Joy were married, so it meant that his interest in the site was magnified, and because Dave lived adjacent to the site, it was not general knowledge that Dave used to patrol the site every evening at dusk to make sure that the site was secure, gates locked, everything quiet, this now no longer happens.

David was also very particular on how the site looked and would often clear rubbish etc. that some not so particular tenants would leave behind.

David was not really a committee man but we eventually persuaded him to join us on the Society committee and what a bonus that was with his reasoned thinking and explanations, he didnít always win the day but gave his point of view succinctly.

You may recall seven or eight years ago we were having trouble filling the position of the site representative, eventually David was persuaded to take on the role with the proviso that it would only be for a couple of years until our current rep. Steve was able to take on the role. He fulfilled this role with his usual determined manner, not always with diplomacy, sometimes upsetting some tenants, but only if they were not following the rules, and he was a stickler for tenants locking the gates after them when entering or leaving, and when Steve eventually took over Dave was there to guide him in the right direction.

I could go on talking about the contribution that David made to the Eastbrook Allotment Site and the running thereof, but suffice to say he has been missed and will continue to be missed and not forgotten,

John Burns (Chairman Eastbrook Allotment Society)




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