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Bonfires on allotment sites

Please be aware that smoke from bonfires on your allotment site can quickly spread over adjoining gardens and can cause a real nuisance to local residents who understandably want to enjoy the long awaited sunshine as much as allotment tenants. At least one local resident believes that their ongoing medical condition has been exacerbated by the smoke from recent allotment bonfires.

The allotment rules covering bonfires are listed below and if you are going to have a bonfire on site please make sure that you abide by these rules.
Also please consider the impact your bonfire may have on other allotment tenants and on the residents of nearby properties.
If bonfires are found to be in breach of theses rules then tenants can be issued a bonfire notice, if a second bonfire rule breach occurs then the tenant may have their tenancy ended as a result.

6.5 Bonfires are permitted for the burning of un-treated or un-painted woody waste only. The burning of any other materials - such as plastics, tyres, carpet, MDF, laminated wood - is strictly prohibited and will lead to immediate termination and referral for prosecution.

6.6 All open fires between 1st April and 1st November 1st must be contained within an incinerator barrel, however small contained fires will be permitted for barbequing.

6.7 Smoke from a bonfire, which could be a nuisance to neighbours by interfering with the use and enjoyment of their garden or property, or could affect the comfort or quality of life of the public, could result in action under the Environment Protection Act of 1990. Tenants who light a fire within 50ft (15.24m) of the centre of a highway may be guilty of an offence under the Highways Act 1980.

6.8 Fires must be attended at all times until all material has burnt and the fire extinguished. Fires must be kept to a manageable size to ensure safe burning and a minimum of smoke production. Any fire managed in an unsafe manner or producing excessive smoke will result in an instant notice and may lead to tenancy termination.

6.9 All potentially toxic materials should be removed from the allotment site and disposed of in the relevant civic amenity site. Failure to remove said materials will lead to termination and recovery of removal costs.

6.10 The council reserves the right to prohibit bonfires on a specific plot and/or group of plots.

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