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Autumn Competition Winners

Heaviest Marrow
Winner: Tony Barnett 7lbs
Runner up: Carole Baur 5lbs
Third place: Carole Baur 4lbs

Longest Leek
Winner: Janet Rickard 4ft 7ins
Runner up: John Morgan 4ft 3/4in
Third place: Alma Silve 4ft
Fourth: Dave Warne 3ft 10ins

Heaviest Pumpkin
Winner: Tony Barnett 44lbs
Runner up: John Morgan 42lbs
Third place: Peter Munnery 32lbs
4th place: Dave Warne 30lbs
5th place: Shelia Hornby 24lbs
6th place : Janet Rickard 18lbs

Tallest Sunflower
One entry. Winner Tony Barnett 9ft 4ins.

Funniest Vegetable/Fruit
Winner : Carole Baur
Runner up Peter Munnery
Third place: Tony Barnett

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