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BHAF Allotment Strategy

Brighton and Hove Allotment Federation have reported that the Council adopted the Allotment Strategy unanimously this week.

Your replies have led to the agreed agreement on the strategy:
Everyone, both existing and future allotmenteers, will have a choice of plot size.
Biodiversity and organic gardening will be promoted.
There will be no major rent increases in the future, except for inflation and proportionate contributions to shortfalls.
The existing staffing and service levels are guaranteed, we must find ways to reduce cost on water, rubbish etc.
Those on higher incomes will be asked to make additional voluntary contributions. Please be generous.
The waiting list system will be radically reformed and improved to provide a quality, fee charged service.
New rules will be written, based on the principles of Allotments being enjoyable, inclusive and sustainable.
Much great local participation on allotment sites will be promoted.
For further information please visit For further information please visit BHAF website

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