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PROPOSED SUBMISSION ADUR LOCAL PLAN 2014: Notification of Publication
and Statement of Representation Procedures (Regulation 19) Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012

As you will be aware, Adur District Council has been preparing its new Local Plan over the past few years. At its meeting on 9th October 2014, Adur District Council approved the Proposed Submission Adur Local Plan 2014 for its formal publication stage, and subsequent submission. The Proposed Submission Adur Local Plan 2014 is now being made available for representations over a six-week statutory period starting on 20th October 2014, until 5pm on 1st December 2014. During this period the Local Plan and Policies Map will be published and made available alongside other supporting documents including a Sustainability Appraisal. Representations are invited. The attached ‘Statement of Representations Procedure’ sets out how the Plan will be made available for inspection, and how representations may be made.

Please note that at this stage representations should only be made in relation to the legal compliance and/or the soundness of the Local Plan. Representations should specify in what respect(s) the Plan is considered to be unsound, and what change(s) would need to be made to make it sound.

These terms are explained in a guidance note available from the locations set out in the Statement of Representations or from the Councils’ website: www.adur-worthing.gov.uk/adur-local-plan-2014

If you have any queries please contact: planning.policy@adur-worthing.gov.uk or by calling 01273-263000 and asking for the Adur Planning Policy Team.

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